Daniel & Blake

My partner and I were in the market to buy our first home, and we were working to figure out our criteria. We gave Mike what seemed like an impossibly long list of options, and then promptly started contradicting ourselves on the options.

For example, we specified that we didn’t want a place with a suite in the basement–then looked at one. We wanted double garages, but looked at a place with a single garage. Mike was very accommodating in this, knowing that, through this process (during which he asked intelligent, probing questions throughout) we would find our dream home.

As it turns out, we found our dream home at 7:30 on a Wednesday night–but Mike was going on vacation the next day. No problem for our dedicated, hard-working agent, who helped us craft a series of offers and counteroffers that eventually led to us buying our home.

He was professional, thorough, and helpful every step of the way. He’s earned our business again, and we’re proud to refer our friends to him when they’re in the market.