Measuring Guidelines for Condos in Calgary

I just discovered yesterday that the Calgary Real Estate Board has revised its measuring guidelines for resale condominiums listed on the Calgary MLS System®.

Previously the Total Square Footage listed for condominiums represented the above ground heated living area, and for all intents and purposes, the actual size of the condominium.  This seemed to cause a lot of confusion and in many cases the sizes were inadvertently misrepresented due to error.

Sometime during December of 2011 a decision was implemented based on input by the Condominium Audit Review Committee and the Business Practices Department, of the Calgary Real Estate Board that moving forward, the Total Size will be the same as the Registered Size of the condominium.

Measuring Guidelines for Condominiums in Calgary

The registered size of a condominium can and does often include areas which are not a part of the living unit, and might represent the inclusion of an exclusive use area such as balcony, terrace, or parking stall.  In the case of a Bare Land Condominium, it might also include the garage and hypothetically the entire lot.

For the vast majority of condominiums the Registered Size includes only the living space, or if you want to get really technical, sometimes up to the centre line of the walls of the unit in some cases.

There are many condominiums in the city which do include additional exclusive use areas as part of the unit. I do stumble across them now and again.  For example The Grandeur in Mayland Heights is a good example.   The registered size of the units in this building includes an underground heated parking stall which is not under separate title.

It would be a good business practice for REALTORS® to disclose in their general comments of their listing, if and when the Total Size includes an area which is not heated living area.  At this point there is no requirement for this. I’m sure the matter will be the cause of all sorts of misunderstanding and non-disclosure would be foolhardy to say the least.  Just because it isn’t written does not mean that it does not have to be disclosed.

The ruling is a good move towards consistency in the presentation of data on the MLS System®.

Expect to see some more fine tuning of the new Rule regarding Measuring Guidelines for Resale Condominiums down the road.