The Calgary Real Estate Board is churning out more condominium specialists than puppies in a puppy mill.  If you are seeking a real Calgary Condo Specialist however, you have come to the right place.  As you already may be aware, I  have been selling real estate here in Calgary going on 15 years now.  During this time, I have sold many, many condos.

Recently, the Calgary Real Estate Board has come out with a new marketing tool for new agents.  It’s called a Certified Condominium Specialist designation.   Agents can take the three day course and then hold themselves out as a specialist, utilizing the initials C.C.S. (Certified Condominium specialist) and the use of their logo in their credentials and advertising without the need to have set foot inside a condo, or even bought or sold a condominium.   

The Course entails:

• a review of the Condominium Property Act and condo plans;
• a how-to on searching for registered documents and required condo documents; and
• specifics in regards to listing and purchase contracts for condominiums

As one who has been selling condominiums for years, I know the demographics, amenities, character, construction quality, history of almost every significant and even mid-range condominium in the City of Calgary.  The majority of the condos I sell are in the core but I sell condos all over the city, and even in Cochrane, Airdrie and Chestermere. I can even tell you which condominiums might be poorly managed, might have significant structural issues.  I  won’t keep you scratching your head while I try and figure out where to park, or where the keys are kept or how to get in. I will know exactly how to deal with your listing, or offer, with all its unique requirements.

I  have took a similar course many years ago.   I therefore don’t see a need or benefit to my clients to challenge yet another condominium course, even if they would let me, which they won’t unless I cough up the fee and sit in the entire course all over again.  The seller of that course doesn’t offer exam challenges, and yet I probably know the condo market at least as well, or better than any agent in the city.  I have come across many unique and complex situations involving condominiums over the years.  You’ll want to be represented by someone who has a comprehensive understanding of the holistic condominium market, and I won’t have to “cut my teeth” on you. 

Calgary Condo Specialist I therefore decided to utilize my own emblem which reflects accurately the level of my experience in this area.

The designation demonstrates that my expertise comes not only from knowledge, but arguably of having an significant specialized knowledge of the great range of condominiums in the City of Calgary, condominiums that all have a unique and often complex list of characteristics, and this kind of experience you can’t just go out and buy. 

To demonstrate my specialized knowledge, here is just a short list of some of the condos I have unique  and become acquainted with all aspects of their construction and specialized knowledge of.  There are many more condominiums which I have reviewed since the posting of this article, but are too numerous to list.  For a more complete list, while still not complete, please view my .

This is just a small list of condominiums with which I am familiar.  I maintain an enormous database of condominiums and keep detailed records, which include the Condominium Plans, bi-laws etc. for each one of them. I also keep records on low-rise condos and walk-ups, as well as Villas, age restricted condos and what have you.  It is a  work in progress and requires a great deal of dedication and perseverance, and I take great pride in that.  I am unquestionably Calgary’s one and only “Black Belt” Condo Specialist.

   Whether you are selling, or buying a condominium unit in Calgary, you owe it to yourself to call someone who can bring their extensive condominium experience to the table.

By Mike Leibel - 403-204-1111

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