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McDougall Centre McDougall School in Downtown Calgary

The McDougall Centre is located in Downtown Calgary. The address is 455 6th St SW.  It was first built in 1906 and was established by the Reverend George McDougall.  It served as a Junior High School in the years 1921 to 1981 and prior to that served as a teachers school.  In 1981 the school was closed, having only 54 students in grades one through six.  On September 8th, 1987 the Alberta Government purchase the building for use by non-profit organizations. It is now a registered heritage site.

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Lougheed House Calgary Historical Landmarks in Calgary

The Lougheed House has become one of Calgary’s most well known and beautiful homes from our past.  I have a bit of personal experience with the Lougheed House because when I was just eight years old, my pal Danny O’Keefe brought me there after school. Danny was a small boy, and had is hair cut Mohican  style, so he was quite an interesting picture.  His Dad was the maintenance man there, and the position provided for a tiny suite in the lower quarters on the south side.  I still remember the amazement that one of my friends would be living in this awesome home.

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